Hi. I’m Joshua.

The “h” is, inexplicably, silent. So it’s Jozua. But everyone calls me Josh.
No last name, just Josh. Makes me feel cool. Feels like I have a nom de scène.

I’m a cultural journalist turned copywriter turned creative director.
I also teach from time to time.

I’m trying really hard these days to find a way to merge the relevance of content with the insightfulness of advertising.

I have mostly worked at Sid Lee,VICE, K72 and TUX.

I don’t really participate in award shows anymore, but there was a time when I did.
Here is proof:

1 x Gold Cannes Young Lion
1 x 30 under 30 Infopresse
1 x Silver ADC Award
4 x Grand Prix Créa
3 x Grand Prix Grafika
1 x Grand Prix Média
4 x Prix Créa
5 x Prix Grafika
3 x Prix Média
2 x Prix Boomerang
1 x Silver Alcuin Society Award

But enough about the past. 
If you want to talk about the future, just click here.

I’m also available to talk about the present.